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About Us

Unjiru Television Network Ltd was licensed to operate a TV and Radio station by the communications commission of Kenya on 4th May 2006. Having acquired the license, the proprietors took the initiative to ensure that the TV station went on air before 24th May 2007 and the radio station (FM 104.5) launched by August 2007.

The growing need for entertainment, education and subsequent information, has given the company an opportunity to identify a market niche for provision of high quality media services in the country. The station is offering Kenyans and the local media industry new and innovative value added alternatives that will be easily accessible and will reduce over-reliance on the traditional sources and approaches.

Initially, the business has involved provision of quality TV services in Nairobi, Machakos, Thika, Kiambu, Kajiado and the environs (Large Nairobi) an area with an estimated population of 6 million. Gradually the company has acquired a licence to operate in other regions of the country.

Short Term Business Objectives
In short term, the company is aiming to do the following:

  1. Undertake further research to clearly identify market segments and programmes that have highest demand.
  2. Setting up and organizational structure that will facilitate provision of quality customer service.
  3. Undertake promotional activities to ensure that the company’s products are known in the intended market segment so as to create a competitive advantage over competitors.
  4. Employing competent employees, motivating them and continually, equipping them with the required training/skills to enable them to provide quality customer service.
  5. Continually create a network to support all the functional activities.
  6. Undertake to continually enhance growth and technological advancement in order to cope with global trends.

Long term Objectives

The long term objectives is to create a business that is recognized in the media industry for quality service at competitive prices generating profits  and expanding expanding its network to cover the whole of East Africa in ten years. 


Media Overview

The media industry can be broadly divided into two; the print and the electronic, both segments competing to certain extent to attract customers seeking entertainment, education and other types of information; for example that provided through advertising.


Products and Pricing

Two distinct product lines are envisaged depending on the language of communication.



To attain and sustain market leadership, the company has used various technologies.


Location and Market


The company has offices and studio in Nairobi and the TV transmission is located on Mau Hills, some 28 Kilometers from Nairobi City Centre. This location is suitable because of the proximity to the target market of Nairobi, Machakos, Thika, Kajiado, Kiambu, Kerugoya and the environs.


About Unjiru

Unjiru Television Network Ltd was licensed to operate a TV and Radio station by the communications commission of Kenya on 4th May 2006.