Popular TV shows a lot of children love

There are different programmes catered to different age brackets. This is also applicable to children who also have several programmes dedicated to them. Like adults, children also love watching child-friendly shows because it appeals to their interests in the best ways possible. Whether it may be on actual TV sets or on the online platform, there is no doubt that children are entertained with tailor-made programmes. 

Several child-friendly programmes were created throughout the years and each of them has contributed a lot to the growth and development of children. As the trends change, so does the style of programming do. With that, people can expect to see different shows now compared to the years before. 

UTV ensures that everyone, including children, will have a worthwhile watching experience here on the site. By having some popular shows available, parents can safely allow their children to watch on their devices. With that, here are some popular TV shows that a lot of children love today! 

Peppa Pig 

This popular cartoon series follows the adventures and mishaps of Peppa Pig and her brother George. By following their adventures, children will meet Peppa’s parents and the other animal families who live in town. They will also be introduced to other animals like Rebecca Rabbit, Suzy Sheep, and Candy Cat. 

By joining Peppa and her friends, children will understand their emotions as the show depicts several relatable scenarios for children. Most of these have lessons about friendship. What parents also love about this is that it also helps expound children’s vocabularies. 

PAW Patrol 

This programme shows a charming group of six rescue dogs led by a tech-savvy dog named Ryder. He works closely with the other dogs that make up the team such as firedog Marshall, police pup Chase, and fearless Skye. All of them have special skills, gadgets, and vehicles that will help them carry out their rescue missions. 

Some of the missions that they do are saving some kittens or protecting trains. What kids love about them is that they are always ready for any mission while still having fun with each other. By watching this, children will learn more about teamwork and confidence as their motto says, ‘no job is too big, no pup is too small’. 

Pete the Cat 

Pete the Cat takes children on epic adventures with his friends Callie Cat, Grumpy Toad, Sally Squirrel, and Gustavo the Platypus. Together, they always attempt to remain cool, stay kind, and keep rocking. 

Whether they’re learning to face their fears of the waves, meeting a new platypus on the block, or creating a band with their friends. By watching this program, children will enjoy the fun soundtrack that was made exclusively for this show! 

Trolls: The Beat Goes On 

This program is one of the animated series that serves as an adaptation of the film Trolls. This picks up from where the film left off, thus showing the everyday lives of the Trolls. Most episodes start with Queen Poppy explaining some of the events in a certain episode. 

By watching this, children can join Poppy, Branch, and everyone in the Troll Village as they party in their majestic forest home. With their signature positive attitude, children can enjoy a lot of music that makes every dance party fun!


Ten-year-old Max has a bestfriend named Sharkdog, a creature who is half shark and half dog. Even though this creature may seem weird, children will adore Sharkdog as they see how much fun of a companion he is. By watching this program, they can join in on their crazy adventures that involve a lot of exciting activities. 

Sharkdog also teaches children about the meaning of friendship between Max and his pet and with his other friends as well. This programme is surely entertaining, especially when children learn more about Sharkdog’s big heart and belly that is full of fish sticks! 

Carmen Sandiego 

Carmen Sandiego is a master thief and the founder and leader of the Villainous International League of Evil or VILE. Although she may be a thief, she uses her skills for good because she only steals back stolen items and returns them to their rightful owners. Therefore, she can be considered as a modern-day Robin Hood. 

By watching this interesting series, children will learn more about the importance of not judging someone based on the impressions made about them. Rather, this shows children that it’s always best to know about a person before judging them. 

Mighty Express 

Mighty Express takes place in Tracksville, a town where adults don’t exist as kids run the entire place. One of the places that they facilitate is the train station of the Mighty Express trains where the trains can talk to them. Together, they foster epic friendships and embark on exciting adventures. 

By watching this, children can enjoy seeing some exciting trips that teach them about real friendships, quick thinking, and a lot of teamwork! 

The Boss Baby: Back in Business 

The series follows the narrative of the popular movie of the coolest baby in the planet. After all the conflict in the movie, Boss Baby now gets a little help from his brother and accomplice Tim. Together, they exert their best efforts to balance their family life with the duties at Baby Corp. headquarters. 

With the intelligence of Boss Baby and his unusual ways of handling situations, children will be delighted to see how much a toddler can be as influential as Boss Baby. This allows them to think that they can be whatever they want to be because their age is not a hindrance for them to continue dreaming and striving. 

Super Monsters 

There are several monsters in the world and some of them already have descendants of their own. In this series, children will meet some of the popular monster’s kids at a special preschool. Together, they must hone the skills they have inherited and have them good-to-go for kindergarten. 

By watching this series, viewers will be amazed as to how evil descendants can be as charming and as lovable as opposed to their roots! 

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic 

This series works as a revamped version of the My Little Pony franchise but with a few exciting twists. Here, Twilight Sparkle, a bookworm unicorn, is sent to Ponyville by Princess Celestia to strengthen her interpersonal skills. Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and Rarity are some of Twilight’s new four-legged buddies. 

By watching this, children will learn more about magic, honesty, loyalty, and kindness as each of these is imbued on the characters’ charming personalities. 


This series takes children to the beautiful Octopod where a lot of sea explorers can find majestic underwater worlds. There, children will learn more about a group led by Captain Barnacles will dive extreme depths to rescue sea creatures and protect the ocean at all costs. 

Aside from learning about the good values of the characters, children will also learn the importance of keeping marine life well-protected. 

PJ Masks 

Several children look up to superheroes as they hope that they can someday be like them. By watching this series, children will be introduced to a group of young superheroes who go on epic adventures to save the world. Here, children can watch Connor, Amaya, and Greg and see how their powers activate when they put on their pajamas at night. 

With their special animal amulets, children can join them as they solve mysteries and learn important life lessons during their special adventures. 

Why should children watch cartoons?

There are several reasons why children should be encouraged to watch cartoons. Here are some of them: 

Builds their self confidence 

By seeing how young characters embark on several epic adventures, children will be inspired  that they too can also do great things in their lives. By picking up lessons about friendship and teamwork, they can also be more confident in facing other people and making new friends. 

Improves their cognitive development 

Watching cartoons allows children to be involved on the characters’ problems. This enhances their reasoning ability as it helps them be more aware of possible outcomes of their decisions. Watching also helps children have a better visual and auditory processing.

Enhances creativity 

Children are amazed by the colourful graphics of each program. Aside from being entertained, several children also take inspiration from the programs as they try to draw their favourite characters. As they continue trying, they enhance their creativity. 

Helps improve their speech

Aside from the lessons being imparted per episode, children also get to pick up some new words whenever they watch their favourite programmes. By paying close attention to what the characters are saying and doing, children also learn how to construct their sentences better. It also allows them to emulate some of the characters’ dialogues. 

These are just some of the popular TV programmes that were created for children. By watching these on UTV, parents can be more confident about their children as they become aware of the programmes they watch and the lessons they can learn! 

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