Lights, camera, action: Your quick guide to Hollywood movies

People love watching movies because it takes their minds off of their daily situations. By watching films, people get introduced to different characters who each have a story to tell.  These films will show people different challenges that each character must endure before they can get a certain result or achieve their goals. 

Each country produces its own films because it somehow reflects their culture and society. Whereas some countries’ films are mainly aimed towards their local interests, Hollywood has produced countless films that are directed at global audiences. 

Hollywood films are not necessarily made in Hollywood. Generally speaking, Hollywood films pertain to mainstream American movies that are appealing to the different common interests of people. With several genres under its umbrella, people can choose what they’d like to watch. UTV made sure to cover all possible movie genres so people can explore different movie styles. 

Here are some of the most popular movie genres and some popular examples of each:


Action films are known as one of the earliest genres in the industry of film. Under this genre, people can witness a lot of fight scenes, chases, and slow-motion shots. With the intensity of the plot, viewers will be kept on the edge of their seats every single time. Most of the time, superhero films fall under this category. 

This film depicts the story of Batman that shows a battle between good and evil. With the epic performances of Christian Bale as Batman and the late Heath Ledger as The Joker, people have surely considered this as a classic action film. It also has thrilling chase scenes that were impressively choreographed to emphasize the story’s dark theme. 


Comedic films are one of the most popular genres that a lot of people adore because of how fun it is to watch. This genre is perfect for those who want to have a good laugh and be entertained even just for a few hours. By watching comedy films, people can find themselves smiling as they immerse themselves in the crazy antics of the characters being shown on screen. 

This film shows the story of a character named Doug and his three friends. They drive to Las Vegas for Doug’s stag party two days before the wedding. However, it was after they woke up the next morning that the three groomsmen lost Doug and couldn’t remember anything from the night before. Together, they have to find Doug and bring him back for his wedding. 


Dramatic films are stories that have a lot of conflicts, making them ideal for people who are looking for a good cry. These stories are well-characterized by their thick plots that keep viewers engaged on what will happen next. Each scene in this type of movie propels the story forward and allows people to learn more about the characters and how they think. What viewers love most about this film genre is how some scenes are realistic and relatable. 

This classic film revolves around the story of a publishing magnate named Charles Foster Kane. As a complex man who rose from obscurity to staggering heights, he became a popular figure in his chosen industry. When he died, a reporter was tasked to learn more about him, his story, and what his last word, ‘Rosebud’, meant. 


People who want a good frightening experience will grow fond of this genre. With suspenseful jump scares, dark shots, and creepy soundtracks, this genre will have people at the end of their seats every time something pops on screen. Though it may be scary, several people love watching this genre because each moment is thrillingly unpredictable. 

Every 27 years, an evil emerges from the sewer to lurk the town’s children. This is the nightmare that seven young outcasts would have to face during their summer break. Together, they must overcome their fears and be courageous enough to face the bloodthirsty clown named Pennywise.


Several people are fond of the idea of love and courtship and this is the reason why there are many people who love romantic films. By watching films that fall under this genre, people will fall in love over and over again as they imagine themselves as the main characters. 

The story is told by an old man reading a story to an old woman in a nursing home. The story he tells her is about a young couple named Allie and Noah who once met at the carnival but got separated because of family disapproval. 

Noah writes her several undelivered letters because it was kept away from Allie. Soon enough, Allie gets engaged with a different guy but when she learns about the letters, she is forced to choose between her present love and her first love. 


Sci-Fi is regarded as one of the most experimental and thought-evoking genres that a lot of people love watching. This genre focuses on people’s fascination with aliens, outer space, and technological advancements yet to be made. Many films that fall under this genre have also covered topics like time travel. 

Marty McFly, a Californian teenager, gets transported back into the 1950s when he accidentally rides the modified DeLorean time machine created by his friend Doc Emmet Brown. There, he meets the younger version of his parents and must ensure that they will fall in love so his existence won’t be at risk. Also, he must exert his best efforts to go back in his present time and save the life of Doc Brown.


Suspense films are another popular choice of people who love being thrilled. Under this genre, viewers will be thrilled to see what happens next even if there are no ghosts or other unknown entities like in horror films. Rather, this genre is built on the premise of uncertainties and unsolved mysteries. 

This film depicts the story of FBI’s top student Clarice who got assigned to interview the violent psychopath Dr. Hannibal Lecter who has cases of murder and cannibalism. She, therefore, works as a bait to have Lecter spill his thoughts and insights about a case the FBI is working on. 


Western movies are those that embody the struggles that occurred in the American West between the late eighteenth century and the late nineteenth century. Although not all of the stories that fall under this theme are based on true stories, Western films give people an idea of what it’s like to live during that era. 

A slave named Django was bought by a bounty hunter named King Schultz because he needs some people to help capture the vicious Brittle brothers. After their mission, the two of them also hunt the South’s most-wanted criminals that lead them to a plantation where Django’s wife is still enslaved. 

Advantages of watching movies 

After knowing some of the most popular Hollywood movie genres, here are some of the reasons why watching movies is a great activity: 

Expounds your knowledge 

Several movies have incorporated some facts in their stories even when they aren’t considered as documentaries. Also, it is by watching movies that people will get to learn more about other places and attractions. More often than not, movies also leave some important life lessons that are very helpful. 

Relieves stress 

Watching movies works as a great way to escape reality. This is mostly applicable to romantic and comedy films that make viewers feel good. According to several studies, watching comedy films can decrease stress hormone levels and even lower blood pressure. By making people laugh, people also get to have more happy hormones in their bodies. 

Brings people together

People usually watch movies with their loved ones. Regardless of what movie genre people choose to watch, it is undeniable that the activity will provide unforgettable moments that they will cherish. Together, families, friends, or couples can share a bowl of popcorn and watch their favourite movie moments. If they’re watching at home, they may even take some time and rewind some of the best moments if they like!

Enhances creativity 

Children and adults can both enhance their creativity while appreciating this form of art. By watching movies, people get to see another side of them which can make predictions about how the story unfolds. Sometimes, people also get some inspiration to write stories, create poems, and draw pictures after watching a great movie. 

These are just some facts that people will have to know about Hollywood movies. By learning about their immense passion for movie creation, people will surely be more interested to see the movies they produce. Given that several Hollywood films are made available on UTV, people can freely watch their favourite movies anytime and anywhere they like! 

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