Stream music anytime and anywhere with UTV

Music is a wonderful companion in life. It has the power to influence moods and even lives. This  art helps people express their feelings even without spilling all their thoughts out loud. 

Songs are made up of great melodies and well-written lyrics. More often than not, people associate their favourite songs with feelings or memories. Some people even make playlists so they can listen to their favourite songs and artists easily. 

Given the fact that listening to albums is not that convenient and can sometimes be expensive, UTV has expanded its services to music streaming as well. With this, account holders can now listen to their favourite songs anytime they want as long as they’re logged in to their accounts. 

People have exerted their best efforts to listen to it at any given chance. With that, here are some of the reasons why people should stream music online. 


People can find several songs on online streaming platforms like UTV. By scrolling through all the available songs, people can filter the songs based on the genres they love. They may also use the search bar to find their favourite artists and have access to the songs and albums they want to hear. 

New discoveries 

Listening to music, especially at random, can help people discover some underrated artists. By listening to curated playlists and hearing the included songs, people can be introduced to various artists who also do well with their craft. 

By learning more about them, people will be more appreciative of aspiring artists. Listening to their music will also help boost the confidence of underrated artists. 

Offline downloads 

One of the advantages of online streaming is that sometimes, people don’t have to connect to the internet to listen to their playlists. Rather, they may simply download the playlists they’ve created or songs they’ve liked. This gives them an option to save the songs and have access to them even when they’re struggling with connectivity. 

Online streaming is better than downloading songs illegally. Given that this is considered legal, each artist can profit out of every stream of their songs. Whether it may be mainstream or underrated artists, they will surely appreciate how each stream contributes to the overall appeal of their songs. 


Using online music streaming platforms are more convenient because they don’t take too much storage space. Whereas people had to save all the files on their phones before, people only need to download streaming apps now. The songs will just be stored as part of in-app data rather than being separate files. 

These are just some of the benefits that people can enjoy by streaming music online. For those who haven’t tried it before, try creating an account with UTV and listen to countless amazing songs. Then, plug in some earphones and make sure to immerse oneself in the beautiful melodies of their chosen songs!

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