Have the best watching experience with UTV!

Watching is a great hobby since it helps the mind focus on interesting programmes rather than the problems that people may be facing. With this, people can destress themselves and be entertained even for just a while. 

Several people love watching movies and series during their free time. Nowadays, many people no longer have the time to watch on their television screens because almost everything is posted or streamed online. Amazingly, it was with the help of technology that people who are too busy with their computers can also watch their favourite programmes whenever they want. 

Here at UTV, everyone is given the chance to watch their favourite programmes, including the ones they have missed out on. By being an online streaming platform, people can also watch their favourite programmes even when they’re not at home. This provides a better viewing experience since people can have the chance to watch conveniently. Here’s what people need to know about UTV. 

What is UTV?

UTV Kenya is a free to air channel that targets over 4 million viewers online. With the help of technology, people have easy access to quality television broadcasting. By working with several signal distributors, UTV now covers over 41 counties across Kenya. As a result, people can now enjoy watching at their most convenient times. 

With the mission to conform to universal accessibility and universal appeal, UTV has exerted its best efforts to keep delivering quality broadcasts for people in Kenya and other parts of the world.

Aside from the broadcasts that come from the distributors, UTV also aims to address the farmers’ needs and concerns through our special programming. UTV also has a special marketing team that is backed up by its internal creative department who makes skits and testimonial videos for their customers’ needs. 

Why should you watch with UTV?

There are several reasons why people should spend their time and watch with UTV. Here are some of them: 

Programme variety 

UTV offers different programmes that cater to the different tastes of people. Whether it may be Hollywood movies that grown-ups will love or cartoons that children will appreciate, there is always something worth watching here. By simply scrolling through all the available programmes, people can easily find what they are looking for. 


By being available on the online platform, people can easily visit the site and search for what programmes they like. If they want, they can also filter the channels to see which ones they like most. This will make it easier for people to narrow down their choices whenever they want to search for specific programmes. 


With UTV, people can simply create an account for free and have access to all the programmes they are interested in. By watching with UTV, people will realize that watching can be fun, convenient, and affordable at the same time!