Viewer Trust Team

UTV viewer Trust Team

The Trust’s mission is to get the best for the UTV audience. Each of the Unit’s five teams supports this in a different way.

Direction team

The Director and his team are responsible for supporting the Chairman and Director in their roles, managing their diaries and ensuring they have appropriate briefing and advice. They also are responsible for the general management of the UTV viewer Trust Unit

Strategy team

The Strategy team has a wide-ranging remit, including public policy negotiations with the Government and industry, analyzing and reviewing UTV services and strategic challenges, and communicating the UTV’s performance analysis. They test all UTV proposals for new/changed services, identify market impact and investigate all fair trading and compliance issues.

Governance team

The Governance team provides Professional support and policy advice to the UTV Viewers Trust Services. It carries out the business management and secretariat function for the board. The team ensures that the Trustees are fully supported to undertake their role. The Governance team is also responsible for the Trust’s audience and stakeholder engagement work including supporting the Trust’s audience. The Governance team ensures that the Trust meets its duty to operate with high standards of openness and transparency.

Editorial team

Head of Editorial Standards: Nguyo Nickson Kariuki

The Editorial team has four main functions. The first is to ensure that the UTV handles complaints appropriately. This includes acting as the secretariat to the Editorial Standards Committee (ESC) and Complaints and Appeal Board (CAB), which are the third and final stages in the UTV’s complaints handling process. The second function is to support and advise Trustees in their oversight of the UTV’s Editorial Standards which are set out in the UTV’s Editorial Guidelines under the programming Code. Thirdly the team project manages impartiality reviews, seminars and other editorial projects commissioned by the UTV Viewers Trust Services. Finally the team manages all correspondence coming into the unit including correspondence generated by the Trust website, making sure all correspondence is logged, tracked and actioned properly.

Communications team

The Communications team works to develop and safeguard the reputation of the Trust, and ensure that the Trust’s role is understood and accurately reflected in the media and among third. The team manages and advises on appropriate and effective handling of all external and internal communications, advises the Chairman and Trustees on communications handling, including inputting into Trust and Committee papers, and deals with all enquiries from journalists.